Trad Music Videos

When I started learning fiddle, I decided to record my progress... for some reason in public on YouTube. My first video, after just 3 fiddle lessons records me scratching my way through The Britches Full of Stitches. Since then, my videos have become more elaborate and I've been trying (very unsuccessfully) to record as many tunes as I know. My favourites are below. Check my YouTube channel for all of them.

The Mountain Road / The Banshee

This is my latest one (recorded September 2012) and is a set of two Irish reels:

The South Wind

This one I recorded because I really wanted to use my Roland Juno 106 in a recording and I reckoned it would sound nice in the background of a slowish tune as a pad. This recording had so many parts it took me 8 hours to record and edit:

Silver Spear / Pigeon on the Gate / Father Kelly's

A simple set of reels here. The reason I recorded this was that I was learning open-G tuning on the guitar, and the backing is done using that.

The Green Mountain / Ship are Sailing / Boys of Malin

This was one of the first recordings that I was really quite happy with. It didn't sound too amateurish. That may be because it was the first video with the fiddle I got in November 2009.